My Experience at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge🚀

Bright suns! Last week, I was given the once in a lifetime opportunity to preview the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge area at Hollywood Studios. In this post, I’ll be sharing my experience as a lifelong Star Wars fan inside the new area.

📸Quick Side Note: If you want to see more pictures of Galaxy’s Edge, feel free to go to the photography page of my website. I’ll be withholding some photos because this post is one of two Galaxy’s Edge posts that I have planned. Once the second post is uploaded, I’ll release the rest of the images.


The entrance was by the Muppet’s Courtyard and was hidden behind shrubbery and red umbrellas. Behind the shrubbery were welcoming cast members who scanned cast and guest invitations. Once I was scanned in, I was promptly handed a map to Galaxy’s Edge. Afterwards, I walked underneath the archway and into the new area.

Upon entering, my first impression was that Galaxy’s Edge reminded me of Pandora in the Animal Kingdom. The two are vastly different but the colors of the rocks mixed with the subtle vegetation were reminiscent of Pandora. Even the quick service restaurant, Docking Bay 7, reminded me of Pandora’s Satu’li Canteen. I was wonderfully overwhelmed by the theming of the area. The smaller details such as the droid looking trash cans and Aurebesh lettering helped bring the new themed land together. Once I made sure that it was alright to shoot and post photos, I whipped out my camera and snapped away at everything I saw. Thankfully, I was with a patient group of people who understood my amazement and love for Star Wars. Walking around and taking in the sights at Galaxy’s Edge made me feel giddy like a little girl.

The cutest and most irresistible soda bottles ever are available at Galaxy’s Edge. While there was plenty to look forward to on this trip, I was especially excited about purchasing one of these bottles. I kept the droid-like Coca Cola bottle as a souvenir as well as a Millennium Falcon pin. Here’s a video of me opening the intricate (and surprisingly tight) bottle for the first time.

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run was the most unexpected attraction that I’ve ever enjoyed. When I visited Galaxy’s Edge, I had no idea that this ride was open. I was pleasantly surprised to realize I would not only preview the new area but also a new ride! I also realized that I would be able to experience the ride without enduring the arduously long wait times that are inevitably coming next week. The best way I can describe this attraction is by comparing it to the Star Tours ride but less shaky, smaller, and more interactive. You’re in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon and your mission is to steal coaxium (hyperfuel) from the First Order. The ride holds up to 6 people. Before boarding, you’re assigned one of 3 roles: pilot, gunner, and engineer. The pilots control the flight path of the spacecraft, the gunners shoot down enemies, and the engineers collect the coaxium. By the end of the ride, my team collected one canister of coaxium. I’m not sure if the amount of coaxium you collect is dependent upon how well the team performs. However, I do know that the better your team performs, the longer the ride lasts. Several cast members mentioned this before we boarded. The ride is intense, fast-paced, and extremely fun.

Here’s my review: Overall, I had an amazing experience at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. My father introduced my sister and me to Star Wars when we were little girls so the franchise has always been close to my heart. For a few hours, I was that mind blown little girl exploring a new fictional universe experiencing the happiness and excitement that only Disney could provide. I loved seeing characters such as Chewbacca and Rey walking around and experiencing the differences between the Resistance & First Order sides of Galaxy’s Edge. The interactions I had with the cast members were one of the highlights of my trip. Hearing the greeting “Bright Suns!” from cast members was nice. I also had a good chuckle when my sister was accused of being a First Order sympathizer by a Resistance soldier while we were in line for Smuggler’s Run because she had a Death Star shirt on. On the subject of my sister, here’s how she summed up her experience at Galaxy’s Edge: “The land encapsulated the childlike wonder of seeing your favorite movie characters in real life. Seeing a fictional world become a reality.” I’m incredibly grateful to have been allowed to preview Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. I can’t wait for the area to become public so Star Wars fans from galaxies far, far away can enjoy all this new area has to offer. Good luck to everyone going opening day!

Thank you for checking out my post. I’m sorry if it isn’t as informative about Galaxy’s Edge as you may have hoped. Please look forward to my next Galaxy’s Edge post where I will get much more detailed on what to expect on your trip there. I’ll be working hard to get it posted soon. This new area will open to the public on August 29th. May the Force be with you!✨

“Remember…the Force will be with you, always.” -Obi-Wan Kenobi (A New Hope)


3 thoughts on “My Experience at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge🚀

  1. How interesting and exciting! I can’t wait to see your next post on this experience. May the force be with you too 🙂


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