Coronado Springs Resort’s Maya Grill Restaurant

If you asked me to describe the Maya Grill restaurant in three words, it would be: a hidden gem. I visited this restaurant recently to celebrate my sister’s birthday. She loves the Coronado Springs Resort and was intrigued by Maya Grill because of our Honduran heritage. This Mayan-themed restaurant reminded us of our past trips to Honduras and the Mayan ruins we explored there. The Coronado Springs Resort does a great job at incorporating North & Central American themes together.

Now, let’s talk about the experience dining here. First off, I recommend making a reservation to this restaurant beforehand to ensure that you have a table during your visit to this resort.

Right when you walk in, your attention goes straight to the works of art depicting the Mayan people. I loved the intricate artwork. There are a lot of things that capture your attention and the artwork serves as a reminder of the inspiration behind the restaurant’s theme.

Our waiter told us that the restaurant was separated into 3 different temples: sun, fire, and water. Each temple had its own defining characteristics that contributed to the overall ambiance of the restaurant.

Table setup at the Maya Grill restaurant

We were seated at the sun temple in the middle of the restaurant. Maya Grill restaurant serves Tex-Mex cuisine. For a full list of their menu, click this link:

For the appetizer, we ordered the house guacamole with chicharrones and chips. Our waiter informed us that the guacamole is made fresh every day. Yum! For the drinks, we ordered two different kinds of lemonade and a loose-leaf jasmine blueberry tea. Maya Grill has a surprisingly vast collection of different types of tea. If you’re a tea connoisseur like my mom, ask to check it out!

Let’s talk about food! As shown above, we ordered the hand-cut ribeye, Pollo a las Rajas, and Red Snapper Veracruz. We all thoroughly enjoyed our dishes. The roasted tomatoes mixed with the red snapper was especially delicious. The hand-cut ribeye steak was well-cooked and juicy. The Pollo a las Rajas plate was full of different flavors that were complemented by the Ayote side dish.

Once we finished our meals, the Maya Grill staff were kind enough to provide my sister with a special birthday dessert!🎉

Here’s my review: I was impressed by the use of spices and unique ingredients that were sourced from specific Central American regions such as the Ayote. The artwork, atmosphere, and attention to detail in the food amazed me. I felt a deep connection to the environment inside the restaurant because of my Honduran heritage. Ever since I was a little girl, my parents and grandparents would tell my sister and me how we were descended from the Mayan people. It was nice to see part of my culture represented somewhere inside Walt Disney World. I recommend this restaurant to anyone who is curious to visit and I will definitely return one day.

During my visit, I was able to see the construction work being done on the Gran Destino Tower! The tower looks amazing so far. I can’t wait to visit it once it opens!

Thank you for reaching the end of this blog post. Let me know what you think in the comments below and feel free to follow my blog♡. Look out for my next post this upcoming week! For now, here’s a little preview.


3 thoughts on “Coronado Springs Resort’s Maya Grill Restaurant

  1. Another wonderful blog post that kept me till the very end. I thoroughly enjoyed the depth of review and pictures so we could see for ourselves. One could even say I was able to vicariously enjoy this experience through this post. I am definitely looking forward to giving this restaurant a visit. Thank you so much for giving us the information we want and also the information we didn’t know we needed 🙂


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