Play Disney Parks app + Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge update!

Looking to kill time during long ride wait times or just trying to make the most out of your Disney visit? Look no further! The Play Disney Parks app will make your trip even more exciting by challenging you, your family, and friends to visit different parts of the park and achieve objectives by playing games or simply checking in through the Bluetooth function. Before I start this post, I wanted to say that this app is not new. It’s been out since late 2018 but I’m making this post because many people I’ve spoken to had no idea this app existed! What is new, is that the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge area has been added to the app. If you want to know more, keep scrolling!

Right when you start the app, you’re faced with the choice of playing in the Disneyland Resort area in California or the Walt Disney World Resort property in Florida. For the purposes of this blog post, we’ll be focusing on the Walt Disney World Resort locations. For now, the 4 main parks and 1 resort are available to play at in Walt Disney World Resort property. The only resort that is available to play at is the Art of Animation Resort. However, I suspect more resorts will be added to the app in the future.

One question you may have is, can I play games on this app while I’m not on Disney property? Well, yes and no. Disney trivia and Apple Music playlists are available whether you’re on property or not. Interactive and in-queue games must be played within the park or resort. If you’re curious about what the latter games are like, keep reading.

I ventured to Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios to play the in-queue game for the Slinky Dog Dash ride. The wait time for this ride tends to be long but the time passed by quickly when playing this fun, multiplayer game.

Andy’s Boardgame Blast is available to play as long as you’re waiting in line for the Slinky Dog Dash ride. In the game, you play alongside Buzz, Jessie, and Rex to complete different stages and beat villains until you reach the end. To finish each stage, you have to play mini-games.

Most mini games are single player, meaning you have to pass the phone back and forth between players. However, some mini games are meant to be played by two people at once on the same device.

A mini-game will be randomly chosen for you. Once you accept to play the mini-game, the instructions on how to play will appear. Then, the game will begin and you will have to do your best within the time limit. At the end of the game, a team score will be displayed showing the sum of all the player’s scores.

Achievements can be unlocked by reaching certain objectives within the game! By mastering certain challenges, you have the opportunity to buy special pins!

To know more about how and where to buy these pins, click on this link:

Once you’ve completed all the stages, this message will appear. If you’re still waiting in line, feel free to play again. Otherwise, explore the other options available around you such as Toy Story Mania if you’re in Toy Story Land!

The Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge area has been added to Hollywood Studios in the Play Disney Parks app! In anticipation of the area’s opening on August 29th, a preview video about the types of games that will be available for guests to play has been uploaded. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re interested in what the new area will offer!

Here’s my review: This game is incredibly fun, especially if you’re waiting in line and have people to play with. At first, I thought this game was geared towards children but people of all ages can enjoy this app! I’ve recently gotten back into the pin trading game so I’m excited to get some special achievement pins. I like that this app encourages you to explore different parts of each park or resort and discover new experiences.

Thank you for reading this blog post until the end! I hope it was helpful. Make sure to watch Toy Story 4 in theaters starting June 21st!

Let me know what you think about this post in the comments! I would greatly appreciate the feedback.

For a full list of all Play Disney Park app games and locations, click this link:


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    1. This is a great way to make the Disney experience more enjoyable. It also enriches the family sharing time spent at Disney. Excellent post and blog! 👍👍👍


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